Our Story


Here at Brazco Coffee Academy we love what we do and want to share our passion with you and be your local for Good Coffee, Good Food, Good People.


Our Story

Where It All Began



In 2006, mother and daughter team, Linda and Maureen Lydon established Brazco Coffee Academy in Oranmore’s Main Street, with a strong focus on providing quality coffee, home baking and a place to socialise. We adopt a people first approach and this is part of our distinct welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. The business also has a shop local ethos and supports local suppliers including our coffee, our ingredients for baking and food. 

We strive to engage our customers and create an inclusive space in each of our cafes. as we continue to grow our family and develop our fusion of the best recipes and creations for Galway. We support a different artist each month in our “Big Brazco”, this gives an opportunity for our customers to see new art works from the local community. We are also lovers of books and have Charlie Byrne’s bookshop on our shelves to purchase in Carraig Lair, Oranmore. 

We are also conscious of our environmental footprint, so we are committed to minimising waste, using compostable packaging and sourcing locally.


“Our home baking recipes and methods are passed down through generations of inspirational women with an obsession for feeding people tea and scones to everyone we meet!”